Playing Poker Online Vs Live

Here we look at the pros and cons of each area of poker gaming, playing both inside the online casino of South Africa and inside real-life casinos. Which is the better option? Is there a better form of way to gamble?

If you are a poker player, the option of both will yield the same outcomes and that is winning real money. Poker is available in many forms and it is this what makes the game the success it is and why it is loved by millions around the world playing it every day.

If you are new to the world of poker and gambling in general, then to help you experience the online version of the game, the best South African casinos are listed here. These casinos house what are the ultimate selection of poker games in all its various styles and forms. If you wish to seek out a real-life casino, then several are found near Johannesburg and south of the country.

So, what are the arguments to be had regarding the best way to play poker?

The Arguments For and Against Online Poker

With online casinos, you certainly have numbers on your side. The war over who has the most sees online casinos absolutely trumping over those out there in the real world. Online sites have the luxury of space and with this, the ability to provide more various forms of poker.

Poker is not just one gaming singularity. The card game can take on many themes, styles and forms. With online casinos poker is presented in three distinct forms:

  • Live Poker: With live casino games, you are given the near to real platform you can get from the gambling operator. Live poker is streamed from a studio that uses real poker tables and real cards. The poker game is hosted by a dealer and the option opens up to head on head games with other casino members.
  • Video Poker: This popular feature takes the game of poker away from the conventions of a table and places it into a slot machine. You get faster gameplay and a myriad of gaming titles like Jacks or Better and Deuces Wild.
  • Virtual Table Games: This form is the exact opposite of the live table games. You have a virtual table and you play against the machine. There are classic variants as an option to play, just like the live poker option that includes Pai Gow, Caribbean Stud, Tri-Card and many more.

So, within these forms, you have a huge array of gaming styles like your Casino Hold ‘Em games or your Joker Poker games, the mix cannot be matched by any real casino, there is no question about that.

Live poker gives you a fully immersive experience where interaction is possible, this would be the online casino’s best argument for choosing to go with their games. However, the cons of playing online come down to the programming of virtual games. Rather than having fate decide your outcome, it is left to the devices of an algorithm program that knows if your time to win happens before you place your first bet. Another argument can be made about the convenience of accessing online sites. You have the games fitted into your mobile device to take with you anywhere, you have 247 access and loads more. So, how do real casinos compare?

The Arguments For and Against Live Poker Games

Stepping into a real casino, there is most definitely an air of energy in the place, this act of gambling is more than just the game of poker you’re playing, and this is all about the experience as a package. Already, for many players, this may not account for much. If players have not experienced a casino before, the experience is not their goal when it comes to playing, it is just about being able to play and win, easily as possible and fast as possible.

The gaming selection of a casino usually comes in two fields depending on where you play. There will be poker tables available and some casinos may also provide cabinet games of video poker that do exist. But the more traditional poker player that goes into a casino to play does so to sit at the table.

The benefits of playing come down to you as a player and the luck you bring to the table. If you have experience and other players around you do not, then you may find your profits from winning are better than those around you. The downside is, is that if you do not have the experience, you could be faced with playing better players than you and your profits may be non-existent.

Playing live is something a casino can never match with it comes to physical experiences, the touch of cards, the pressure, the real challenge that is not artificial. Though playing is all about winning, the playing side has to be entertaining enough to bear the game, otherwise, if the only goal was to win money, then why not just play the lottery? This is where real poker excels but is it better than online?

We’re staying neutral and simply advise that you should do both. Casinos may not be around for long given the impact of online sites, so take the opportunity whilst you can. You can also play online in the meantime and enjoy where the future of gambling and poker games will remain for the next millennia.

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